Orthopedic Injury Lawyer in Des Plaines, Downers Grove, Aurora and Cicero

The personal injury lawyers of the Makarone Law Firm legal firm have years of negotiating damage awards and trial experience in orthopedic injury cases. These injuries affect a person’s joints, muscles, and nerves and can have a number of adverse effects on their lifestyle. The effects of an orthopedic injury can last two or three days or an entire lifetime. If you or a loved one has recently suffered some type of orthopedic injury, we can help.

Driving, sleeping, walking, and a number of other activities and tasks can be difficult to perform and be excruciatingly painful. Because of the complex nature of most orthopedic injury cases, it is important to have the right personal injury lawyer in your corner when going up against the big insurance companies and their lawyers. That legal team is the Makarone Law Firm personal injury firm. It maybe more assuring to know that we have decades of experience in dealing with similar cases and a myriad of other claims that hinge on tort laws. That ensures that we pool in our resources to help our clients be represented professionally and have helped them win millions of dollars in compensation over a period of time.

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What Type of Orthopedic Injury do You have?

An orthopedic injury and the damage it causes can be as minor as a joint sprain or muscle strain to something much more severe such as a degenerative bone or joint condition. Basically, any injury that adversely affects the musculoskeletal system is classified as an orthopedic injury. These injuries often result from an accident, sporting event, or trauma. Depending on the nature and extent of the damage, you could be entitled to compensation for your orthopedic injury.

Although this type of injury directly affects the musculoskeletal system, the orthopedic injuries that the Makarone Law Firm personal injury lawyers are familiar are usually broken down into one of the 4 following categories:

  • Broken bones/fractures – These injuries usually result from the impact of motor vehicle collisions. You may experience broken bones or stress fractures based on the force of the impact. Fractures can affect one’s mobility, require surgery, and take weeks to heal.
  • Joint damage and nerve pressure – Ankle and wrist pain can seriously limit a person’s mobility. In some cases, laser therapy, surgery, or ultrasound may be recommended to reduce the inflammation the damage has caused.
  • Spinal damage – The impact of a motor vehicle collision that occurs at higher speeds can leave a person paralyzed or result in a lifetime of chronic pain and suffering.
  • Sprains and strains – The hyperextension of a person’s muscles can result in limited mobility and severe pain. Although these types of orthopedic injuries tend to heal quicker than others, they can still limit your ability to perform your daily activities and tasks or work.

For information on how we can help with an orthopedic injury claim, contact the Makarone Law Firm legal firm and speak with a personal injury lawyer today.