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The personal injury lawyers at Makarone Law Firm are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to accident victims living in the cities of Des Plaines , Downers Grove , Aurora and Cicero . Our founding partners are some of the top-rated litigators in Illinois and are committed to serving the legal needs of injury victims in the above areas. We provide exceptional experience and expertise in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients in and out of the courtroom.

As one of the states most renowned personal injury legal firms, we focus on a wide range of accident injury cases. Our goal is a simple one – to ensure that justice is served and that every client gets the compensation they deserve and recovers their financial and physical losses in the process. Our years of combined experience and expertise in this area of the law has gained the respect of the insurance companies and other legal adversaries throughout the state.

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The Makarone Law Firm Difference

The Makarone Law Firm legal team is committed to exceeding every client’s expectations by taking a more caring and compassionate approach to injury victims and their families. From the moment we take your case until your personal injury claim or personal injury lawsuit is resolved, we will help you navigate through the entire legal process step by step. Our goal is to see that you receive the compensation you deserve while at the same time ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Since establishing our legal practice, we have faithfully served the individual needs of the client and recovered millions of dollars in damages. When we handle your personal injury case, you can expect the following:

  • An experienced, highly knowledgeable personal injury lawyer assigned to your case
  • Accident investigators that collect evidence to support your case
  • Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers documenting the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Sufficient resources to invest in your case and maximize your recovery
  • A tradition of excellence throughout the Illinois legal community

In addition to the above, you’ll have access to Makarone Law Firm at all times (your calls and e-mails returned the same day). Our staff is proficient and experienced in all aspects of the legal consultation and will assist you with your queries.

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer that best fits Your Legal Needs

Personal injury cases are often complex and difficult to resolve without a lengthy court battle. Surprisingly, over 90% of them are settled out of court. The reason for this is that neither one of the parties involved and their lawyers want to risk losing in court. A personal injury lawsuit typically arises when a person is injured because of the careless, intentional, or negligent actions of someone else. Whenever a person is legally liable for injuring an individual, the court may order them to compensate them for damages.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer isn’t always easy. Just because they have a law degree and are licensed, it doesn’t always mean that they are best suited to handle your case. Selecting the right lawyer can result in a more favorable outcome in your case. There are certain questions that need to be answered such as “What type of experience have they had with my type of personal injury claim?”, “How successful have you been with cases similar to mine?”, etc.

If you’ve sustained injuries in an accident that was caused by another person, we can help. Call Makarone Law Firm today for additional information.

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